My 87 favorite pieces of tech & startup content from across the interwebs

Long lost friends,

It’s been about six months since I last sent out a blog post. And…I don’t have a blog post today either :-)

Instead, I offer something else: a collection of other people’s very good blog posts. It’s truly an act of love by which I give to you my 87 favorite pieces of tech/startups content from across the interwebs.

As a jumping off point, a few of my favorites-of-favorites in the table are: focus is for winners, spatial interfaces, invisible asymptotes, and the american cloud.

I started compiling this in probably 2018 when The Browser recommended A16Z’s Podcast about Podcasting, which is about the project of rebuilding old mediums around the new norms of the web.

In that moment, I realized that tech and startups are a land of sheer pontification, absolute conjecture. People take their idiosyncratic ideas and by sheer force of venture capital graft them onto the world.

And perhaps it’s actually that the more idiosyncratic you are, the more you follow your own interests to a thesis about the world, the more successful you will be in this strange arena.

Something something, the emergence of collective intelligence at the macro level, something something.

I don’t know if that’s true per se, but at least that’s an interesting alternative incentive set for us to ponder.